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NovoAir Dhaka Office

NovoAir Dhaka Office|Contact Number,Address,Ticket Booking

NovoAir Dhaka Office. It is a service oriented organization. All the staff of the office of NovoAir Dhaka Office is providing service with great reputation. NovoAir Dhaka Office transports passengers and various goods including food to different countries of the world every day. NovoAir Dhaka office Bangladesh Office is very useful for people in all aspects including service quality.

NovoAir Bangladesh offices are located in different parts of the country. From there they provide service by fixing a specific time. NovoAir  Airlines based in Dhaka, Chittagong, Coxbazars, Barishal, jessore, Sylhet, Saidpur Bangladesh. The function of NovoAir Bangladesh offices is to provide services to all passengers who wish to travel to different parts of the country. NovoAir Bangladesh Office is also Click responsible for solving all the problems of travel agencies in Bangladesh

Where is NovoAir Dhaka office located?

House-50, Road-11, Block-F, Banani.

All the officials and employees of NovoAir Dhaka office provide very good service. NovoAir office so all the people are waiting for the ticket service. All the services provided by NovoAir Dhaka office are also provided by various travel agencies in the country.

NovoAir Chittagong office

Husna Mansion (2nd Floor),

1702 CDA Avenue, GEC Circle, Chattogram 4000.

NovoAir Jessore office

Khan Complex 77-Mujib Road, Kotwali, Jessore.

NovoAir Barishal office

Police Line Road, Ward 16, Barishal Sadar.

NovoAir Cox’Bazar office

Hotel Sea Palace (Front Side Market) Kolatoli Road.

NovoAir Sylhet office

Firoz Centre (1st Floor), 891/Ka, Chouhatta, Noya Sharak Road, Sylhet-3100.

NovoAir Saidpur office

Holding No# 0011 (Ground Floor), Shahid Dr. Zikrul Haque Road. Saidpur.

What is the phone number of NovoAir Bangladesh office?

NovoAir Bangladesh offices have their service center in all the offices. They provide customer service by scheduling a specific time. You can also get your service by calling NovoAir contact number.


NovoAir Ticket Booking Office Hours

NovoAir ticket booking office hours are from 10 am to 6 pm for you to buy tickets from our Airlines Flight BD. Also you will get 24/7 days’ service from us for NovoAir ticket booking in case of emergency.


For Emergency NovoAir Booking (Travel Agency Office):

NovoAir Ticket Booking Hotline Number: +8801644461265


For Emergency NovoAir Ticket Booking (Travel Agency Office):

NovoAir Ticket Booking Office Phone Number: +8801605677597


NovoAir Phone Number (Dhaka Office):

NovoAir Phone Number: 09666-722224


NovoAir Phone Number (Chittagong Office):

NovoAir Phone Number: 01755-656666


NovoAir Phone Number (Cox’s Bazar Office):

NovoAir Phone Number: 01755-656669


NovoAir Phone Number (Barishal Office):

NovoAir Phone Number: 01755-656658


NovoAir Phone Number (Jessore Office):

NovoAir Phone Number: 01755-656670


NovoAir Phone Number (Sylhet Office):

NovoAir Phone Number: 01755-656672



NovoAir Phone Number (Saidpur Office):

NovoAir Phone Number: 01755-656647


NovoAir Office Fax Number (Dhaka Office):

NovoAir Office Fax Number: 09666-722224


NovoAir Customer Service Email:

NovoAir Email ID:

NovoAir Ticket Booking Office

You will get good discount if you book tickets from NovoAir ticket booking office. NovoAir ticket booking offices are usually open from 10 am to 5 pm. NovoAir ticket booking offices do not provide any service outside this period.


How many kg of baggage can be taken on NovoAir ticket?

It is not possible to say exactly how many kg of baggage you can take on an NovoAir ticket. You need to be very careful from where you buy NovoAir tickets. How many kg of baggage you get on an NovoAir ticket. But as a rough idea you can take 20kg to 25kg baggage on NovoAir ticket. Besides, you can carry 7 kg on NovoAir ticket.


Do I have to carry extra baggage on NovoAir tickets?

You can take extra baggage on NovoAir tickets. For that you will have to pay extra for extra baggage when you book your NovoAir ticket. The amount to be paid can be stated at the time of purchase of the NovoAir ticket or at any other time by checking the ticket.


Can you change dates on NovoAir tickets?

You can definitely change the date of your NovoAir ticket. However, changing the date of your NovoAir ticket may cost you some money. Sometimes NovoAir ticket date change is absolutely free. But it cannot be said accurately. So, while changing the date on the ticket, you can check whether the NovoAir ticket will cost.


Where is the NovoAir ticket office?

There are various travel agency offices all over Bangladesh that sell NovoAir tickets. But beware of various scams. There are several ways to check when you buy NovoAir tickets. Before you fly, you should check whether your NovoAir ticket is valid. Many times the flight time of NovoAir ticket can be changed due to various reasons. So you check from NovoAir ticket office.


Where is NovoAir ticket sales office?

You will get many discounts if you buy tickets from NovoAir ticket sales office. Normally NovoAir cannot sell tickets below the fixed price from their own offices. You will get good discount if you buy tickets from NovoAir ticket sales office. But don’t be fooled by the hope of getting more discounts, choose well and buy tickets from Novo Air ticket sales office. And see how long NovoAir ticket sales office has been working on ticket sales.


What is the price of NovoAir tickets?

NovoAir ticket prices vary from country to country. NovoAir ticket prices vary from time to time. You can get NovoAir ticket price by calling the office or visiting the office when you book your ticket. However, NovoAir ticket prices are relatively low compared to other airlines. If necessary, you should compare the ticket price of other airlines and the price of NovoAir ticket while buying the ticket. We can confidently say that NovoAir ticket prices will be much lower in terms and prices.

NovoAir Ticket Booking

You can rely on our company for NovoAir ticket booking. You can get NovoAir ticket booking service at your home from us. All you have to do is email or whatsapp us your passport to book NovoAir tickets at home.


Our email and whatsapps numbers for Novo Air Ticket Booking:

Email for NovoAir Ticket Booking:

Whatsapps Number for Us NovoAir Ticket Booking: +8801644461265


NovoAir Ticket Booking Link:


NovoAir Manage Booking

You can check your ticket through NovoAir Manage Booking to see if your ticket is valid. You can easily find out if someone is cheating you with NovoAir Manage Booking. In addition, you can do various tasks including changing the date of your NovoAir ticket, whether all the passport information is correct, if you need extra baggage, adding food, seat selection, and so on, from NovoAir Manage Booking at home. You can find NovoAir Manage Booking by just checking Google. Besides, from NovoAir own website you can get NovoAir Manage Bookings.



NovoAir Manage Booking Link:


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